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About Glendover Elementary School

Glendover is a true multicultural school with students representing some two dozen nations. Also, interactive technology is integral to our curriculum, with SMART boards in every classroom in grades 1-5.

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Recent Library Events

The 2nd Annual BookSwap was a HUGE success! Students were able to swap out their old books for new books for summer reading. Have a wonderful summer!

All upcoming library events will be posted on our WordPress site!

About Mrs. Lane

Mrs. Lane loves the library and connecting students with new adventures through reading. She loves "Harry Potter" and believes reading turns muggles into wizards!

Mrs. Lane has finished her library certification. As part of her coursework she learned HTML coding. Special thanks to Krista Wallden who created the eagle graphic. It was purchased from her website at Teachers Pay Teachers. All other images on this site were downloaded at no cost from Pixabay.com.

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